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Belt Dryer Manufacturer

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Belt Dryer Manufacturer

Belt Dryer Manufacturer

Voice engineers design and Belt Dryer Manufacturer for drying products whose shapes need be retained. In Belt Dryer Manufacturer, drying is done in a stream of hot air. Product moves on a wire mesh conveyer in a hot air tunnel, and upon getting dried to the desired extent moves out of it.

These Belt Dryer Manufacturer are of modular design to optimize drying efficiency by providing precise temperaturerange by Belt Dryer Manufacturer.

Special Features of Belt Dryer :

  • Partial drying possible
  • Continuous operation
  • Compact installation
  • Recirculation of hot exhaust air
  • Low fuel consumption

A whole range of products, like, vermicelli, macroni, soap noodles, sliced, onion / garlic /vegetables & fruits, etc., can be dried in this Belt Dryer Manufacturer.