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Continuous Conductive Dryer Manufacturers

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Continuous Conductive Dryer Manufacturers

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The Continuous Conductive Dryer Manufacturers offered by us is an indirect heating and cooling type. The special hollow cuneiform discshasself cleaning function and possess high rates of heat transfer. These hollow blades are closely mounted along the length on a hollow thermal shaft, and the complete unit is ensconced in a jacketed trough. The heating media flows through the jacket and through hollow shaft to blades.

The thermal shafts are driven by an arrangement consisting of a drive motor, gearbox, chain and sprockets.For feeding the wet material into the dryer, a screw feeder with holding hopper and variable speed drive is provided. The material then passes through the dryer, gets dried and is finally discharged at the end of dryer unit. Both the end and upper cover of the shell have sealing to prevent leakage of product dust. A weir plate is installed at the discharge outlet to maintain the height of material level in the unit so that heat transfer surface is fully covered with material.

In this system of indirect conduction heating, heat is efficiently utilized for heating the material. The heat loss is only in form of some heat dissipation through the heat insulation layer of drier to the environment.

For introduction of heating medium and its removal, rotary joints are provided at both the ends of the hollow thermal shaft. Wet product would be alternately and sectionaly compressed and expanded by the revolving hollow blades offering high degree of agitation on heat transfer surface. This brings about high heat transfer rates. Suitable numbers of RTD are provided along the length of the dryer for profiling the product temperature.


Inorganic & organic compounds, Fine minerals, Sludge, Biological waste, Dyes, Pigments, Gypsum, Polyester (PET) chips, Polyethyele, Rubber chemicals, Soda Ash, etc.