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Continuous Vacuum Band Dryer

Continuous Vacuum Paddle Dryer Manufacturer

Vacuum band drye are used to dry heat sensitive products in a continuous flow. It is a cylindrical or rectangular chamber which is under vacuum from the inside. Vacuum band dryer contains a number of synthetic or metallic wire mesh paddle-dryer-manufacturers.htmls which pass over steam or hot water heated elements.

The product gets spread equally on the paddle-dryer-manufacturers.html at the feed point of the machine. High efficiency heating plates in direct contact with the surface ensure maximum heat transfer and even drying.

The dryer comes with different capacities ranging from a single vacuum band dryer up to multiple depending upon the required heating surface area, The dryer is supplied complete with heating system, vacuum pump, solvent condensor and piping.


  • Eenzyme
  • Food paste,
  • Pharmaceutical products,
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Protein Extracts
  • Gelatin
  • Matted Milk
  • Highly Viscous Liquids
  • Products containing a certain amount of sugar.