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Drum Dryer Flaker Manufacturers

Drum Dryer Flaker Manufacturers

In this conductive dryer, wet feed film (in liquid or paste form) is poured on the rotating metal cylinder. Heating medium flows inside the cylinder. Feed dries into a film and is scraped off. This dryer is suitable for continuous drying. We are best Drum Dryer Flaker Manufacturers.

Special Features of Drum Dryer Flaker :

  • Feed can be liquid or pasty
  • Product in powdery, flaky form
  • Uniform drying
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Continuous operation
  • Drying in single step, eliminating need for intermediateconcentration processes

Application :

  • Winnies Foods, paraffin wax, clay, fire clay, plaster slag, pasty green waste ,sewage sludge, agricultural products , grain, root vegetables, etc.