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Drum Dryer Manufacturers

Drum Dryer Manufacturers

Operating Principle This Drum Dryer is basically a conduction dryer. Wet feed film (in liquid or paste form) is applied to the rotating metal cylinder inside which, a heating medium is supplied. Material film dries to the final moisture level and is scraped off. Voice Engineers Drum Dryer Manufacturers are suitable for continuous drying of bulk goods of industry and agriculture, like e.g. for drying of green waste. The dryer can be designed as a stationary machine or as mobile plant, mounted on a frame.

Operating method

The wet product is fed into the Drum Dryer via suitable feed devices. Transporting blades on the feed side of the drum take up the product and carry it to the drum fixtures. The choice of drum fixtures is determined by the product characteristics. The product is usually dried in direct flow. The wet product meets the hot drying gas with a temperature up to 1000 C. The retention time of the product in the dryer depends on the drum speed, drum inclination, kind of drum fixtures, flow rate of the drying gas and the damming device at the end of the Drum Dryer Manufacturers

Voice Ingineers is Supplier, designer and Drum Dryer Manufacturers

Special Features of Drum Dryer

  • Suitable for handling liquid or pasty feeds.
  • Product in powdery, flaky form
  • Uniform drying due to uniform application of film.
  • Medium range capacities.
  • Very High thermal efficiency
  • Minimum Thermal degradation
  • Continuous operation
  • Accomplishment of drying in single step, eliminating need for any intermediate concentration processes.

APPLICATION : Paraffin wax, Clay, fire clay, plaster slag, incinerating and composing refuse, waste products, residue and sewage sludge, agricultural products , greenstuffs, grain, root vegetables, etc