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Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchanger

Voice Engineers is one of the belt-dryer-manufacturer.html manufacturer, supplier and designer of dryers and coolers company. Engineers are spacialist in manufacturing and designing of Heat Exchanger.

Voice engineers heat exchangers, the surface area of the wall between the fluids is maximized while simultaneously minimizing the fluid flow resistance. At times, we use fins or corrugations with the wall in order to increase the surface area and to induce turbulence.

There are three primary flow arrangements in heat exchangers : counter-flow, parallel-flow, and cross-flow. In the counter-flow exchanger, the fluids enter the exchanger from opposite sides, making it the most efficient design because it transfers the greatest amount of heat. In the parallel-flow version, the fluids come in from the same end and move parallel to each other as they flow to the other side. In the cross-flow heat exchanger, fluids move in a perpendicular fashion.

Voice Engineers is manufacturer and designer and supplier of heat exchanger in india.Our heat exchangers are manufactured using quality metals and standard basic components.

Applications :

  • Oil refineries,
  • Chemical plants,
  • Pharmaceutical and other industries.
  • Power Plants
  • Drying systems
  • Air Conditioners, etc.