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Rotyary Steam Tube Bundle Dryer


This indirect contact dryer is made of internal pressurised tube bundles that are subjected to construction and pressure testing.

The steam or oil heated tube bundle rotates slowly in a stationary housing. Feed is elevated by shovels and showered at the feed end of the dryer. Slowly rotating bundles convey the feed axially throughout the dryer. Product on coming in contact with heated tubes gets dried.

Steam or oil is passed through the one end of the of the tube and the condensate or oil is collected from the other end.

Tube bundle dryers are highly efficient, need only scavenging air thus lowering emissions, and show flexible operation possibilities and convenient due to modular design.

Products which can be dried in the tube bundle dryer should be non sticky. Vacuum version of the tube bundle dryer dries product at low temperature as per the requirement.

Salient features:

  • Being a conductive dryer, it consumes less steam, hence low fuel consumption.
  • Works at low RPM, ensuring low power consumption.
  • Recovery of fine products in cyclones or bag filters.
  • Heating Media can be Steam or Hot Oil.
  • Flexibility in drying time and drying temperature.
  • Sturdy and compact design. Low maintenance.


  • Corn germs, corn fibres, gluten
  • Wheat fibres with bran and syrup
  • High protein feed, DDGS
  • Spent grains, mixture of spent grains / yeast
  • Conditioning of broken beans and seeds
  • Husks & manure
  • Roots, citrus peels, leaves
  • Fibrous extracts & cellulose materials