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Sludge Dryers Manufacturers

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Sludge Dryers Manufacturers

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Sludge Dryers Manufacturers need special care, because they have usually large quantity of water in them and are composed of several items or compounds. Our Sludge Dryers Manufacturers ( CCD ) ensuring mixing with drying is capable of taking care of these. In this Sludge Dryers Manufacturers is based on the principle of conduction and not hot air as drying medium. This ensureno incidence of material dust. CCD developed & engineered by Voice Engineers guarantees such advantages. Due to its low speed agitation & high dynamic stability, there is negligible wear and tear, and hence low maintenance cost.

Salient Features:

  • Airless drying - continuously at the right temperature
  • Indirect heating
  • High rate of heat transfer through jacketed body and hollow thermal shaft & discs
  • Self cleaning function
  • Alternate compression and expansion with high agitation on heat transfer surface