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Tunnel Dryer Manufacturers

Tunnel Dryer Manufacturers, are continuous dryers, ideal for drying of Granulated / Extruded / Briquettes / Flakes / Fibrous / Pre Formed materials. The wet materials are loaded in steel or Aluminium trays of the trolleys or in trucks having steel boxes, which move inside the tunnel on rails from the feeding end to the delivery end. The movement of trucks inside tunnel is done with the help of hydraulic pushing arrangement or by automatic chain conveyor pusher drive, having reduction gearboxr timer etc.

This Tunnel Dryer usually consists of a heating tunnel in which feed loaded in trolleys move automatically on rails. The Tunnel Dryer Manufacturers mainly consists of

Tunnel Dryer
  • Insulated Tunnel
  • Rail track
  • Automatic motorized doors one at the entry and another at the exit point.
  • A hydraulic or chain system for moving the trolleys on to the rail.
  • Micron filters to maintain purity, if needed.
  • Forced Draft blower to optimally circulate hot air in tunnel for slow & uniform drying.
  • Induced draft blowers to suck out moisture laden air from the tunnel.
  • Specially designed plates for providing optimal hot air velocity inside the tunnel for effective drying at slow pace.
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Insulated ducts
  • Cooling Zone, if required
  • Specially designed Induced draft blower for speedy cooling the hot product, if required, so that it could be packed instantaneously.
  • Arrangement for partial recirculation of hot air, if required.
  • Automation and control system
  • Electrical Panel.

Operation Types :

  • Continuous / Semi-continuous/ Batch.
  • Single Pass / Multi Pass.
  • Single / Multi Temperature & Airflow Controlled Zones.
  • Once through / Re-circulating air modules.
Tunnel Dryer

Air Flow Patterns :

  • Parallel Flow.
  • Counter-current Flow.
  • Cross Flow.
  • Combination Flow.
  • Through Circulation.

Material Movement :

  • Continuous on Metallic Mesh paddle-dryer-manufacturers.html Conveyor.
  • Continuous on chain mounted Moving Trays / Pallets.
  • Semi-Continuous on Carts / Trolleys.
  • Batch on Trays / Trolleys / Pallets.

Air Heating System :

  • Direct Fired / Indirect Fired Air Heaters : Using Liquid / Gaseous Fuels.
  • Direct / Indirect Fired Air Heaters : using Solid Fuels, Agro Waste, Saw Dust, Rice Husk, Coal, Briquette etc.
  • Indirect Air Heaters : Using Steam / Hot Oil / Thermic Fluid.
  • Electric Air Heaters: using electricity.

Applications :

  • Tunnel dryers are useful for drying large quantity of
  • Organic wastes,coconuts, copra,
  • fruits,vegetables,
  • sliced onions, garlic,
  • raw cashew, cashew nuts, ground nuts
  • Ceramic Fiber Papers, Ceramic Fiber Boards
  • Molded Paper Products
  • Rayon Staple, Cotton linters
  • Noodles, Food products, etc. Tunnel Dryer Manufacturers.